Troy Fullwood

Owner of Pinnacle Investments
Located in Chandler AZ.

DSC_5885Troy has owned and operated Pinnacle Investments on full time bases since 1997. Troy has written over 75 articles on real estate investing, has spoken at over 50 industry conventions as well as participated in over 10 radio talk shows about real estate note investing.

Pinnacle investments is a nationwide principal buyer of 1st lien performing and non-performing real estate notes. Troy has assembled a team of professionals whose main focus is to quickly assemble and close each and every transaction. Troy has done over 11,000 real estate note deals since 1997. Through a combination of both single and bulk transactions.

Troy spent 2 years running a Multi – Million Dollar private equity fund that operated and produced a 92.6% IRR for himself and the investors that were involved, before he sold off his shares back in 2008. The core focus of the fund was purchasing first Lien NPN’s and modifying the loans so that people could stay in their homes. It was huge success.

Troy has established many referral business relationships with diverse types of real estate investors and attributes his success to his creativity and persistence in problem solving.

Troy is active in local community church, as well as community issues in the Cash Flow Industry. He is a respected teacher and speaker in the industry. He lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and 4 Boys.