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Should My Mother Invest In Notes

How To Work With VA’s

Why Sell A Note

Why Sell a Note?
People always wonder why someone would sell their notes at a discount. One of the reasons is having a purpose you can use the money for where you’ll make even more than what you were making […]

Note Safety

A low loan-to-value ratio makes your note safer and increases its resale value. The loan-to-value ratio for your note is the sum of the current loan balance for your loan and all senior loans divided by the current market […]

Learning The Hard Way

When I got started in the business and learning from my attorney friend, after about five days in, he patted me on the back and said, “You know, go get ’em tiger.” I went back home and started scratching […]

Getting Started With Notes

I have noticed that there are a lot of people involved in real estate nowadays, especially the fix and flip market. I see the banks are not addressing the under-served side of the consumer base, meaning people that earn […]

Yields and Returns on Capital

The beauty of the note business and the challenge of the note business at the same time is the infamous question of “what is your yield?” Or “what kind of return are you looking for?” We get that question […]

Creating High Quality Notes

One of the most important parts of creating a high-quality note has everything to do with the information that the note holder gathers on the borrower. Meaning that when you’re creating a mortgage or a note or carrying back […]

Power of Credit

Credit plays a big role when it comes to notes. You still have to have good credit, and we look at this in length. What’s driving this person’s credit down? Is it the fact they went through a tough […]